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"We never realize just how many other lives we can help when their paths cross our own." -Wil Zeus


We created this platform as an opportunity for all leaders as well as upcoming leaders who are not part of the MCA team, to share any articles, tips or advice with our community regarding business, leadership or personal development.


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Meet Maureen Moses


Maureen Moses, Digital Channels Manager at Ecobank Zimbabwe, holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. With over 15 years of experience spanning Finance, Administration, and Consumer Banking, she prioritizes efficiency and excellence in her work. Valuing relationships, she is dedicated to serving others both professionally and socially. A leader in various spheres, including work, community, and family, Maureen is passionate about organization. Balancing work and family life, she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring new adventures, and organizing events. She aims to make a difference in people’s lives through her service and dedication.

Maureen Moses

“Most people should know about this course as this is very enriching and may possess life answers to life questions that people have.”
-Maureen Moses, Ecobank Zimbabwe after attending our Leadership Development program

Meet Chabota Nketani


Chabota Nketani is a highly accomplished professional in the field of Corporate Banking, boasting an impressive 23-year career marked by a track record of results-driven excellence. With a clear and focused objective, Chabota has cultivated an extensive skill set that complements his wealth of experience. His career has been distinguished by his proficiency in client engagement, adept deal initiation, and expert oversight of portfolios. Notably, Chabota has achieved remarkable success in specialized areas such as Mining Finance, Project Finance, Commercial Property Finance, and Trade Finance. His commitment to unwavering integrity, coupled with his strong analytical acumen and ethical conduct, has consistently set him apart, enabling him to adapt seamlessly to industry changes while resolutely pursuing his goals.

Currently, Chabota holds the esteemed position of Senior Relationship Manager at Atlas Mara, where he spearheads the Corporate Banking Business for the Copperbelt and Northern regions. This role underscores his dedication to delivering exceptional results and steering financial success in a dynamic and ever-evolving banking landscape.

Upcoming Leaders Victor Shidono

Meet Victor Shidono


Victor has 33 years of banking experience. This includes 17 years as a relationship manager in business/corporate banking. The 17 years also equate to his credit experience across different sectors of the economy which is key to the role. Victor prevailed to lead the commercial banking team for the 3 years. He has now been given a new challenge to turn around the consumer banking business into profitability. To enhance his banking career, he has fine-tuned his education towards this goal by undertaking various professional courses in credit skill development, accounting and customer relationship management. In December 2019, he completed his MBA with Edinburgh Business School, Herriot Watt University, Scotland.

Upcoming Leaders Victor Shidono

“The world would benefit from having more leaders raise their own self-awareness and manage themselves before they can lead others.”
-Victor Shidono, Ecobank Zambia after attending all three phases of our Leadership Development program

Meet Francis Tetteh Padi


Francis is a budding leader who is passionate about technology and its application in leading one’s self and the teams assigned to them. This passion has pushed him to develop basic technological solutions in the field of Accounting and Finance along his career path which have proven effective in solving prevailing challenges of the time. He is currently a management trainee with Ecobank Ghana with the sole focus of being a better version of himself everyday while making a positive impact on society.

Upcoming Leader: Victor Shidono

“This is the most phenomenal sessions I’ve had in my life. Trust me if I say I have already started reaping benefits.”
-Francis Tetteh Padi, Ecobank Ghana Ltd after attending our High Performance Leadership Part 1 program



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