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“What MCA preaches is simple and yet effective, powerful yet humbling and best of all makes sure you do never forget that at the core of everything you want to be and achieve requires you to be an exceptional human being."


Abdulhussain Tejani - HR Director

“The whole experience has been so rewarding that I would sum it as priceless.”


Morecome Mumba Director of Human Resources and Administration Zesco Limited

“Overall, I would recommend MCA’s programs as they have all had a profound positive impact on the performance of many of my team and our business.”


Steve Hamilton-Clark - CEO of TNS Global

“These powerful courses and tools has transformed perceptions, behavior and attitudes that helped the Authority work as a winning team and achieve excellent results."


Dr. Michael J. Tumbare - Chief Executive of Zambezi River Authority

"This is THE program for any person who wants to live a life of purpose. No doubt about it. It’s massive. Absolutely brilliant."

Anthony Ziba -  ICT Director of Finance Intelligence Authority

"It is a course to attend and you will never regret."

Kennam Brightson Kalilani -  Deputy Director General of Finance Intelligence Authority

"This is a powerful life changing program. I am challenged, energized and inspired. I will go and live this one life I have been given to the glory of God!"

Atuweni Juwayeyi-Agbermodji -  Director General of Finance Intelligence Authority

"This is a very wonderful course that I highly recommend anyone to attend and be part of. This course will improve your thinking, your way of doing things and approach to life. Please get on board and make a difference."

Ulemu Nkhoma - ICT Manager of Finance Intelligence Authority

"The training challenges you to meet your true self and the enormous potential that you have otherwise been sitting on. It gives you a new self-belief."

Chikondi Lipato Sikwese - Manager, Financial Investigations of Finance Intelligence Authority

"This is a very, very ESSENTIAL program that everyone needs to attend to get the energy/fuel that will get us through."

Merium Sodala Chithila - Operations Analysis Manager of Finance Intelligence Authority

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High Performance Leadership Part 1

High Performance Leadership Part 1

Before you have the right to lead others you must be able to lead yourself.

This life-changing program deals with the practical day to day implementation of life/professional skills and actions that will assist you to take charge of your life, career, relationships, finances, health, and spiritual well-being.

Often described by participants as the most powerful leadership program they have ever done.


"This program is an answer to my long-asked questions. Who am I and what makes me happy? I am also going to link my goals to Ecobank’s vision and mission. I now know how to lead myself and this will transcend to my team and report in our performance." -Richard Mkeha Ofori, Ecobank Ghana

"Amazing skills at presenting. This is the first training where I was never bored. I was actively and willingly listening for the duration of the course. Extremely inspirational." -Jinan Jawad Mahmoud MSD Dubai

"Unexplainable – no word to express.  It awakes me again.   I’m going to refocus on my vision." -Innocent Ntwali Ecobank Rw anda

High Performance Leadership Part 2

High Performance Leadership Part 2

Leadership is not a trumpet call to self-importance – it is an opportunity to serve.

This powerful program will equip you with the tools necessary to lead, high-performing teams and individuals. Application of the skills shared in the program will rocket you to important & prestigious leadership roles.

All the creative breakthroughs in excellence must originate with people.  The people you want in your organisation, regardless of position, want to grow in personal and group leadership skills.  They want to be led not driven.


High Performance Leadership Part 2 is a must for all companies to raise the leaders needed for High Performance.” –Kwame B. Kontor, Ecobank Ghana

"Leaders should pay attention to this program and the impact it has on ‘self,’ others and their organisations – they will be remarkable. " -Kwame Aubin, Jospong Group Ghana

MCA has taken me on a life changing journey. It started with helping me know more about myself. Now MCA is equipping me to be an effective leader. Thanks!” –Araba Asumanu, Enterprise Group Ghana

High Performance Leadership Part 3

High Performance Leadership Part 3

Gimmicks, quick fixes and one-minute solutions abound.  This process presents an approach that systematically designs and builds a high-performance culture in which a total emphasis on excellence reaches and affects all policies, practices, processes and people.

This process provides a comprehensive menu for organisations that want their people to function fully as individuals, where self-led teams proliferate, and vision-led individuals abound.

This is a practical step by step process to building a culture of high-performance.


"With this series of training, AICC will reach unimaginable heights and will be a beacon of excellence. The training has unleashed the competences in us." -Isaac Tembo, AICC Malawi

"The training was powerful. I feel transformed, I am now equipped with tools that will enhance my leadership roles in our organization as I lead teams to high performance." –Halimu Malumo, Country Manager, Total L and Care Zambia

It’s a life-transforming program. It’s just going to blow your mind how much you can achieve in this life.” -Korkor Ngobi Azina-Nartey, Ecobank Ghana MDP

Emotional Intelligence Part 1

Emotional Intelligence

Success is the ability to live your life in your own way. Discover how to manage your relationships with yourself and with others so that you can live your life in your own way. Guaranteed to change your life.


"This course is incredibly awesome and has greatly created an awareness for me to build my emotional capacity. Truly impactful." -Abena Larin-Yeboa, Ecobank Ghana

"A brilliant program that challenges our employee’s thinking, behaviour and abilities, and at the same time gives the tools for improvement and ability to achieve greater heights." -Benard Ndau, Press Corporation, Malawi

"I never imagined a workshop could ever change me like this one, I never imagined there could be material that could empower men and fuel me with self-confidence like this workshop. I am more aware today, more confident, more focused and more towards my purpose." -Nagy A. Hassan, Cargill Egypt

Leading the "WHY" Generation (The "Y" & "Z" Generations)

Leading the "WHY" Generation (The "Y" & "Z" Generations)

Generational Rifts are the significantly different viewpoints held by the various generational groups that can lead to frustration, misunderst andings, conflict and ultimately lower performance, disengagement and staff turnover.

The profoundly different views and values of the Why Generation put them in conflict with older generations who often want them to conform to their own rules and priorities. This is a mistake. Our true opportunity is to unlock the potential of young people by meeting them in the middle. (A mindset change).

Change Mastery

Change Mastery

Change today happens so quickly. No longer are there short periods of change, followed by long plateaus of stability.  Most of our lives today are a continual, never-ending series of changes, with ever-shorter rest periods. So, we must learn to live with and thrive in a world of constantly changing dem ands and opportunities.

Like it or not, we are all affected by the changes occurring in our society. These broad shifts affect our values as well as the structure of our organisations. We need to learn to respond to each of these changes as they affect us. In response to change we need to:

  • Protect and take care of ourselves.
  • Meet the challenge and stay effective and productive.
  • Keeping ourselves motivated and confident in the face of change dem ands new skills – but not the skills we were taught in school or the ones that many workplaces currently teach. Rather, we need to learn how to learn and respond.


"It has helped me appreciate change as a part of our lives and it can happen in any aspect of our lives. I believe the organisation will be able to reach its targets because its leaders have understood the need for change and how to manage it and will pass it on to other employees." -Charlotte Amanquah - Ecobank Ghana

"I am better equipped to help myself and my team members to manage the changes as a result of the merger. It will enable us to move the team to the commitment stage and away from resistance." -Emeba Koranteng-Yorke - Ecobank Ghana

"Given me more insight into dealing/h andling the change process which will help me be a better change agent. We should be a better bank with staff having the right attitude and embracing change." -Adwoa Amoah - Ecobank Ghana

Effective Problem Solving

Effective Problem Solving

Have you heard of the old cliché “there are no problems, only opportunities’?

This might sound like a pie in the sky optimism to anyone stuck in the middle of a difficult puzzle or a stressful people problem. But by using the proven, logical problem solving and decision-making system presented in this program you can create opportunities from problems.

 By using the comprehensive system presented you’ll know how to define, unravel, analyze and solve tough dilemmas and recurring challenges.

The entire method presented here can be applied to personal situations as well.

Effective Decision Making in an Uncertain Economy

Effective Decision Making in an Uncertain Economy

Life is a river and we each make decisions every day about how to navigate it. The way the river flows, is changing. The river of the past was generally calm, somewhat predictable and moderately manageable. The river of the future is more turbulent, usually unpredictable and much less manageable. Our river is changing, and our navigation should be changing. Life on the river means we must learn, not only how to expect change and respond to it, but also how to imagine and create it.

This programme presents a new process called Positive Uncertainty, for making decisions in changing times. “Uncertainty” describes the condition of today’ river of life. The successful decision-maker navigating the river needs to be underst anding, accepting, even positive about uncertainty. Today’s world, like the river, is constantly changing. Today’s decision-maker should be as capable of change as the environment.

Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation

There is an essential, yet difficult task that all leaders face.  It is learning to apportion or DELEGATE work tasks and requirements to the employees they supervise.

This difficulty is often due to personal qualities that need development, e.g.

  • Job knowledge
  • Personal Competence
  • Initiative
  • Trust Factors
  • Motivation
  • Inter-personal communication skills

In order to fulfil your responsibilities as a leader, you need to delegate.  This will maximise the potential and ability of your subordinates.  This will result in meeting deadlines, reducing stress, improving productivity and developing team members.

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence

Organisations that satisfy customers most effectively earn the right to survival.  We see it every day.  When an organisation becomes self-centred and forgets responsibilities to customers, it will lose business and suffer until the customer once again becomes important.

Research has shown that Organisations with high customer satisfaction have an energized and motivated group of employees and managers.  People in these organisations have learned to mobilise toward a purpose outside of their work group.  The customer is a natural stimulus for needed motivation and teamwork.  In the public sector as well as the private sector, organisations must recognise that customer satisfaction is the keynote for continued success.

Customer service is particularly fertile ground for growing some fun on the job.  You really do have control over the service you give.  You also have the power to give or withhold your skills.

No one can force another person to give good service beyond the most rudimentary, mechanical levels.  In a very real sense, we are free to give this gift of service but cannot be forced to do so.

But when we do choose to give of ourselves – to apply the power of customer service – we feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction.  And our job will be more fun!

Mentoring, Coaching & Counselling

Fast Track to Increased Sales

The sales profession has undergone some fairly substantial changes over the last number of decades, yet many organizations still operate with methodologies and practices that belong in the last century.

Modern sales professionals see themselves as problem solvers with specific areas of expertise. They are masters at gathering the right type of information and seeing things from the customers’ perspective. They value their time and the time of others and as a result do not waste valuable time or emotional energy in trying to manipulate people into buying something they don’t genuinely need.

Doing this would violate their own personal values and professional integrity. The sales environment in our businesses can only be sustainable if we focus on creating partnerships with our customers, where we are seen as trusted advisors that are dedicated to creating long term value. Money will be a natural by-product of the correct focus.

There is no short cut to getting sales. In this program, we focus on the correct sales process for the twenty-first century, which not only speeds up the sales process, but also leads to extra sales.  It is, therefore, THE FAST TRACK TO INCREASED SALES.

High Performance Leadership for Executives

High Performance Leadership for Executives

On the surface it looks as if the hyperactive world of work is asking us to ‘do more’, but really it is asking us to think more, imagine more, innovate more, and partner more. In the modern world of work, there is no way we can do everything, so we have to be less hyperactive and more strategic.

This is a dynamic process – a voyage of self-discovery that takes a deeper look at you.  You are the single, most influential person that steers your life and with that responsibility comes the effect of how you contribute to the lives of others.  It, therefore, st ands to reason that if we can begin with ourselves to continuously improve and grow, we will experience a happier, more rewarding and productive life and in turn will be more effective in influencing others to experience the same.

Achievement and accomplishment come as a result of performance and not potential.  Howard Hendricks accurately observed that, “Nothing is more common than unfulfilled potential.”  The High-Performance Leadership process is not passive in its approach; it is a call for action and results.

‘Quick fixes’ and ‘one-minute solutions’ abound in the fast-moving world we live in.   We observe how these ‘fleeting’ and temporary solutions lead to feeling of emptiness, frustration and momentary relief.  We, however, will not do that!  We realise, that change is not always an overnight experience, but requires continuous application and internalisation.

Arthur C. Clarke said, “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership – Refers to a leader’s potential to express a strategic vision for the organisation, or a part of the organisation, and to motivate and persuade others to acquire that vision.

Strategic leadership can also be defined as utilising strategy in the management of employees. It is the potential to influence organisational members and to execute organisational change. Strategic leaders create organisational structure, allocate resources and express strategic vision. Strategic leaders work in an ambiguous environment on very difficult issues that influence and are influenced by occasions and organisations external to their own.

  • The main objective of strategic leadership is strategic productivity
  • To develop an environment in which employees forecast the organisation’s needs in context of their own job.
  • Strategic leaders encourage the employees in an organisation to follow their own ideas.
  • Strategic leaders make greater use of reward and incentive system for encouraging productivity.
  • Functional strategic leadership is about inventiveness, perception, and planning to assist an individual in realising his objectives and goals.
Professional Selling

Professional Selling

The objective of Professional Selling is to assist anyone who is or expects to be a professional salesperson. It covers all aspects of selling and provides concrete suggestions and examples about how to become an efficient, effective and professional salesperson.

There is a proven sales and marketing process which, if followed, avoids the common mistakes that many marketers and salespeople make.  Thus, detours are eliminated, and we are able to save time and avoid many customer objections.

We focus directly on the correct process, which not only speeds up the sales process, but also leads to extra sales.

Supervisory Leadership

Supervisory Leadership Part 1

Leadership is the quality that goes beyond basic managing skills. It is an ability and power that most managers possess but only if they desire and develop it sufficiently.

Stress Management

Supervisory Leadership Part 2

The terms "Manager" and "Supervisor" are labels that are often used interchangeably in job descriptions. This however does not automatically make you a leader. You earn the right to be a leader.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance

This program is designed to serve as both an inspiration and a tool to allow you to move towards much higher levels of performance.  You will discover that you have resources that you never knew you had, a sense of internal power, efficiency and effectiveness that will allow you to make a quantum leap of performance.  What we have found was that people whether struggling for survival or attempting to achieve Olympic medals, were all drawing on resources they never knew they had.  Resources that we all possess.

We also found that the peak performer is the man or woman who refuses to be listed among the mediocre.  This program will allow you to identify the main characteristics of peak performers and will teach you to raise your st andard of performance in your life.

All of us are looking for an area in which to matter, to make a difference and to perfect that area to levels that we have perhaps never ever dreamed of.  This program will allow you to develop an action plan, not only a purpose statement (a statement that provides you with the essential philosophy of what your mission is), but an action plan that you can implement in your daily life that will allow you to achieve your purpose.

Developing leaders in a fast-paced world

Developing Leaders in a Fast-paced World

We develop conscious, self-aware Leaders that are better equipped to underst and the drivers of people's behaviour and attitudes and thereby have a greater influence on others.

Developing a Cohesi

Developing a More Cohesive Team

This program guides intact teams through a journey to improve in five areas that are key to productive team dynamics: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.

Steps to Success for Teens

Steps to Success for Teens

A revolutionary program designed to equip teenagers with the tools to design their best lives. To develop a greater underst anding of themselves and gain control over their lives.

Mentoring, Coaching & Counselling

Mentoring, Coaching & Counselling

In his book, “Masterful Coaching”, Robert Hargrove refers to coaching as a journey and not a destination, which “involves impacting people’s visions and in the simplest, day-in, day-out terms, Masterful Coaching involves exp anding people’s capacity to take effective action.  It often comes down to making it possible for people to succeed in areas where they are most stuck or ineffective.”

  • Coaching is a process, not a once-off attempt – It is aimed at continuous improvement, not instant perfection.
  • Coaching is helping, not controlling – The learner’s ideas and thoughts are involved and form the basis of coaching activity.
  • Practise is needed to enhance and refine the competencies, through planned activity.
  • Most development takes place within the work environment.

The coaching relationship is essentially action-orientated, enabling and growth-inducing.

Stress Management

Stress that Motivates

“Stress is a non-specific response of the body to a demand.”

Stress is simply anything that stimulates you and increases your levels of alertness.

Just as sure as you need to breathe on a daily basis, every living organism is exposed to some form of stress on that same regular basis. Stress is not always a negative experience. A manageable amount of stress will drive us to act, and acting will produce positive results. Without challenges, trials and a little stretching, life would be dull, and no growth would take place.

Stress is also very personal. What is stressful for you may not be stressful for me. Imagine lying on the beach of Mauritius for a week. Some may find this frustrating, non-productive, and stressful because of the loss of income. Others need that experience to get rid of stress.

Due to the fact that varying degrees of stress is a normal part of our daily lives, we need to learn to use it to our advantage. Stress only becomes a problem when our resources and coping mechanisms cannot manage the degree of stress being thrown at us.


Go Go Bum Bum Go Go – Grant Boreham

This 20 page guide will show you HOW you can stay focused and positive about your goals so that you can achieve them. It will also show you HOW you can develop this principle to be part of your character so that you'll continually achieve what you want in your life.

Have Do Be Anything You Want – Dave Boreham

With over 15 000 copies already sold, Dave Boreham has helped THOUSANDS of individuals discover the principles that gave them the motivation and purpose to succeed in ALL areas of their lives.

Peak Performance

The Peak Performance Audio System was designed for all those who desire to be more effective and fulfilled. Join the men and women who have set their sails towards their dreams and goals.


Dave Boreham

Dave Boreham

Founder & Execuive Chairman | International Facilitator & Executive Coach/Speaker

Dave is the Founder and Executive Chairman of MCA Resources Group, an International Facilitator, an Executive Coach/Speaker and an Author.


Public Speaking
  • Achieve Greatness
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Attitude Determines Your Altitude
  • Become Valuable
  • Conscious Leaders  Produce Energised Cultures
  • Contagious Optimism
  • Dealing With Fear
  • Developing & Engaging Your People For Excellent Customer Service
  • Developing High Performance Organisations
  • Don’t Wait – Take Charge Now
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employee Loyalty = Customer Loyalty
  • Engaging Human Capital for a Happy & Productive Work Environment
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Changing Business Environment
  • Get Unrealistic Change
  • Have Do Be Anything You Want
  • How to be Successful and Stay Sane in Times of Change
  • Leadership in the New Economy
  • Leadership Lessons for Managing People
  • Leaders Will be More About Changing Mindsets Than About Changing
  • Program Yourself for Total Success
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Qualities of Peak Performers
  • Rich Vs Poor Countries
  • The Art of Fulfilment
  • The Extra 1%
  • The Learning Revolution
  • The Manic Society - A Global Leadership Crisis
  • The People Factor in A Customer Centric Culture
  • The Power is Within Us
  • The Quick Fix is to underst and that there is no Quick Fix
  • The Science of Achievement
  • Underst and the power of YOU in customer service
  • Upside Down Thinking
  • YOU are the br and
  • What Constitutes a Great Life
Raynor Boreham

Raynor Boreham

Chief Executive Officer | International Facilitator & Executive Coach/Speaker

Raynor is the CEO of MCA Resources Group, an International Facilitator, Executive Speaker/Coach. He has trained managers and delegates from big organisations to small businesses in multiple countries.

Focus Area:
Life, Goal Setting & Visioning Coaching
Coaching for all individuals up to the middle management level

Public Speaking
  • Coping with stress in a manic society
  • Leadership for the information era
  • You are the br and
  • Don’t wait – Take Charge Now
  • Stress that Motivates
  • Contagious Optimism – Why tough people last
Dr. Amon E. Kasambala, PhD

Dr. Amon E. Kasambala, PhD

Chief Business Development Officer | International Facilitator & Executive Coach/Speaker

Dr. Amon Kasambala is a natural relationship builder, a visionary and thought leader, an accomplished entrepreneur, a facilitator par excellence and an organizational/business strategist. He has many years of working experience in diverse fields of industry.


Public Speaking
  • Leadership 
  • Beyond Success to Significance 
  • Preparing for the Unknowns 
  • Reshaping the future 
  • The Power of Vision 
  • The Power of Diversity 
  • The art of delegation 
  • No one is a Lone Ranger - Team work 
  • Friendraising vs Fundraising 
  • Sustainable Development
  • An Empowering environment 
  • Managing change - Personal & Corporate
Stefan Lessing

Stefan Lessing

Coach: South Africa

Stefan has been a business and life coach for more than twenty five years.

He is a Leadership-, and Personal Mastery Coach, a sought after speaker, Master Facilitator, and author of the self-study pack called 'Become the Person you Want to Be' and the book 'The Break of Dawn'.

He holds a B Prim Ed degree from the North West University. His accreditation and development includes companies like, The Pacific Institute (TPI), Transformational Consulting Services (TCS), Von Hirschfield & Associates, Knowledge Brokers International (KBI), Business Presentation Skills (BPS) and INSETA to name a few.

Focus Area:
Life, business, leadership coaching for all levels of management

Public Speaking
  • Leadership Greatness
  • Personal Mastery
  • Sessions of Hope: Dealing with Loss and Failure
  • The Trust Equation – Securing foundations of trust in teams/relationships
  • The Destructive Force of Assumptions
  • The Change Equation - Implementing Lasting Change (Personal/Professional)
  • Change your MIND, Change your LIFE
  • Managing Conflict
  • Resilience
Patrick Abah-Dakou

Patrick Abah-Dakou

Coach and Country Head: Ghana and Togo

Patrick Sassou Abah-Dakou is an international coach and bilingual training facilitator and consultant who is very passionate about human capital development. He has been strongly engaged in the training of many middle managers and senior corporate executives (C-suite) in English and French-speaking countries in over 17 countries across Africa in recent years. His focus areas as a trainer are High-Performance Leadership, Team Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Mentoring, Counselling, and Coaching. As a professional international coach, helping his clients realise their full potential through engagement from his coaching style gives him delight. This has won him many clients mainly in Africa and Europe.


Freda Abah-Dakou

Freda Abah-Dakou

Coach: Ghana

Freda Evelyn believes that with tenacity and diligence, many things can be achieved within the framework of one’s strengths and abilities.


Dr Richard Kyereboah

Dr Richard Kyereboah

Coach: Ghana

Dr. Richard Kobina Kyereboah has multi-industry exposure in education, manufacturing and the financial services. His career in these sectors has been in management, safety, human resources, leadership and corporate governance. He is a seasoned counselor, mentor and advisor. Richard has operated in west, east, southern and central Africa working on corporate mergers, acquisitions and Human Resources development as well as talent search and management. He is currently the CEO of Core Career Development Consult.


Prisca Nyamupachitu

Prisca Nyamupachitu

Coach and Country Head: Zimbabwe

A Chartered Human Resources Practitioner with 30 years’ experience in human resources management, in the education, ICT, manufacturing and financial/banking sectors. Of the 30 years, 20 years have been at Executive level, which involves dealing with the Board.

Prisca was Head HR for Ecobank Zimbabwe and SADC Region. Responsibilities at that level included coordinating the regional HR strategic agenda and interventions by ensuring their successful implementation;  organizational development, HR Policies review; Staff Training and Development, Bench strength analysis; Talent Management, Performance management, Succession planning and improving Employee experience.

Dr. Terence Muchengwa, PhD

Dr. Terence Muchengwa, PhD

Coach and Country Head: Zambia

Dr. Terence Muchengwa is an accomplished Leadership and Executive Coach; who also serves as the Country Head for MCA Training International in Zambia. Dr Terence is a sought-after high-impact Leadership and Business Coach, Speaker and Trainer who has been trained by world-renowned author and leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell. He is a Corporate Trainer, a Life and Transformational Coach for CEOs, and emerging C-Suite Leaders and their leadership teams to enhance their leadership skills and integrate purpose into their culture.


Jean Rene Ngando Moukala

Jean Rene Ngando Moukala

Coach and Country Head: Cameroon

Jean Rene Ngando Moukala is a seasoned banker with over 35 years of extensive experience in handling senior levels and executive positions in Banking across Africa. His expertise covers various segments ranging from bank management, credit & risk management, operations, business development, structured trade finance, governance, risk and compliance. In addition, he had an excellent working experience in leasing, advisory and training with reputable organizations in Africa.


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