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    “What MCA preaches is simple and yet effective, powerful yet humbling and best of all makes sure you do never forget that at the core of everything you want to be and achieve requires you to be an exceptional human being."


    Abdulhussain Tejani - HR Director

    “The whole experience has been so rewarding that I would sum it as priceless.”


    Morecome Mumba Director of Human Resources and Administration Zesco Limited

    “Overall, I would recommend MCA’s programs as they have all had a profound positive impact on the performance of many of my team and our business.”


    Steve Hamilton-Clark - CEO of TNS Global

    “These powerful courses and tools has transformed perceptions, behavior and attitudes that helped the Authority work as a winning team and achieve excellent results."


    Dr. Michael J. Tumbare - Chief Executive of Zambezi River Authority

    "This is THE program for any person who wants to live a life of purpose. No doubt about it. It’s massive. Absolutely brilliant."

    Anthony Ziba -  ICT Director of Finance Intelligence Authority

    "It is a course to attend and you will never regret."

    Kennam Brightson Kalilani -  Deputy Director General of Finance Intelligence Authority

    "This is a powerful life changing program. I am challenged, energized and inspired. I will go and live this one life I have been given to the glory of God!"

    Atuweni Juwayeyi-Agbermodji -  Director General of Finance Intelligence Authority

    "This is a very wonderful course that I highly recommend anyone to attend and be part of. This course will improve your thinking, your way of doing things and approach to life. Please get on board and make a difference."

    Ulemu Nkhoma - ICT Manager of Finance Intelligence Authority

    "The training challenges you to meet your true self and the enormous potential that you have otherwise been sitting on. It gives you a new self-belief."

    Chikondi Lipato Sikwese - Manager, Financial Investigations of Finance Intelligence Authority

    "This is a very, very ESSENTIAL program that everyone needs to attend to get the energy/fuel that will get us through."

    Merium Sodala Chithila - Operations Analysis Manager of Finance Intelligence Authority

    our programs

    Developing leaders in a fast-paced world

    We develop conscious, self-aware Leaders that are better equipped to understand the drivers of people's behaviour and attitudes and thereby have a greater influence on others.

    Developing a more cohesive team

    This program guides intact teams through a journey to improve in five areas that are key to productive team dynamics: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.

    Steps to success for teens

    A revolutionary program designed to equip teenagers
    with the tools to design their best lives. To develop a greater understanding of themselves and gain control over their lives.


    Dave Boreham

    Dave Boreham


    Dave is the CEO of MCA Resources Group, an Adaptive Leadership Consultant, a Life & Business Coach for Executives, a Professional Speaker and an Author.


    Public Speaking
    • Achieve Greatness
    • Authentic Leadership
    • Attitude Determines Your Altitude
    • Become Valuable
    • Conscious Leaders  Produce Energised Cultures
    • Contagious Optimism
    • Dealing With Fear
    • Developing & Engaging Your People For Excellent Customer Service
    • Developing High Performance Organisations
    • Don’t Wait – Take Charge Now
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Employee Loyalty = Customer Loyalty
    • Engaging Human Capital for a Happy & Productive Work Environment
    • Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Changing Business Environment
    • Get Unrealistic Change
    • Have Do Be Anything You Want
    • How to be Successful and Stay Sane in Times of Change
    • Leadership in the New Economy
    • Leadership Lessons for Managing People
    • Leaders Will be More About Changing Mindsets Than About Changing
    • Program Yourself for Total Success
    • Pursuit of Excellence
    • Qualities of Peak Performers
    • Rich Vs Poor Countries
    • The Art of Fulfilment
    • The Extra 1%
    • The Learning Revolution
    • The Manic Society - A Global Leadership Crisis
    • The People Factor in A Customer Centric Culture
    • The Power is Within Us
    • The Quick Fix is to understand that there is no Quick Fix
    • The Science of Achievement
    • Understand the power of YOU in customer service
    • Upside Down Thinking
    • YOU are the brand
    • What Constitutes a Great Life
    Raynor Boreham

    Raynor Boreham

    Regional Manager: East Africa

    Raynor is an International Facilitator, Speaker and Coach, and has been with MCA Training International for 10 years. He has trained managers and delegates from big organisations to small businesses in multiple countries.

    Focus Area:
    Life, Goal Setting & Visioning Coaching
    Coaching for all individuals up to the middle management level

    Public Speaking
    • Coping with stress in a manic society
    • Leadership for the information era
    • You are the brand
    • Don’t wait – Take Charge Now
    • Stress that Motivates
    • Contagious Optimism – Why tough people last
    Sunganani Manjolo

    Sunganani Manjolo

    Coach: Malawi

    Sunganani is someone who is passionate about working with people to help them identify and pursue their purpose in life. He also enjoys helping people and teams in attaining their goals. He is committed to professionalism and excellence in his service delivery with an unmistakable passion in it all.


    Masautso Nyathando

    Masautso Nyathando

    Country Head: Zambia

    Masautso is a renowned Human Resource Practitioner in Zambia with 42 years’ experience in the field. He is a product of the University of Zambia and Strathclyde University in Scotland where he studied Public Administration and Human resource Management respectively.


    Stefan Lessing

    Stefan Lessing

    Coach: South Africa

    Stefan is a Leadership, and Personal Mastery Coach, a sought after speaker, Master Facilitator, and author of the self-study pack called “Become the Person you Want to Be”. He holds a B Prim Ed degree from the North West University.

    Focus Area:
    Life, business, leadership coaching for all levels of management

    Public Speaking
    • Leadership Greatness
    • Personal Mastery
    • Sessions of Hope: Dealing with Loss and Failure
    • The Trust Equation – Securing foundations of trust in teams/relationships
    • The Destructive Force of Assumptions
    • The Change Equation - Implementing Lasting Change (Personal/Professional)
    • Change your MIND, Change your LIFE
    • Managing Conflict
    • Resilience
    Patrick Abah-Dakou

    Patrick Abah-Dakou

    Country Head: Ghana and Togo

    Patrick Abah-Dakou is a Togolese. He has a rich experience of nearly 13 years in banking with Ecobank Togo and Ecobank Ghana in various positions, especially in the area of Excellence in Customer Service. Patrick has a great passion for the development of human resources and has a determination to see employees and businesses reach their greatest potential and achieve their priorities.


    Freda Abah-Dakou

    Freda Abah-Dakou

    Coach: Ghana

    Freda Evelyn believes that with tenacity and diligence, many things can be achieved within the framework of one’s strengths and abilities.


    Dr Richard Kyereboah

    Dr Richard Kyereboah

    Coach: Ghana

    Dr. Richard Kobina Kyereboah has multi-industry exposure in education, manufacturing and the financial services. His career in these sectors has been in management, safety, human resources, leadership and corporate governance. He is a seasoned counselor, mentor and advisor. Richard has operated in west, east, southern and central Africa working on corporate mergers, acquisitions and Human Resources development as well as talent search and management. He is currently the CEO of Core Career Development Consult.


    Amma Korantema Ansah

    Amma Korantema Ansah

    Coach: Ghana

    Amma is an inspiring Human Resource Professional with seventeen years’ experience within the financial services sector in Ghana. She has proven success in leading teams to build, sustain and transform both multinational and domestic businesses—an excellent facilitator with demonstrated experience in working with cross-cultural employees. Amma is an astute learner known for building trust and managing relationships to achieve results in support of organizational goals and objectives. She is very passionate about people management and development with the aim of impacting the lives of others positively for growth.


     some of our clients


    Go Go Bum Bum Go Go – Grant Boreham

    This 20 page guide will show you HOW you can stay focused and positive about your goals so that you can achieve them. It will also show you HOW you can develop this principle to be part of your character so that you'll continually achieve what you want in your life.

    Have Do Be Anything You Want – Dave Boreham

    With over 15 000 copies already sold, Dave Boreham has helped THOUSANDS of individuals discover the principles that gave them the motivation and purpose to succeed in ALL areas of their lives.

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    Peak Performance

    The Peak Performance Audio System was designed for all those who desire to be more effective and fulfilled. Join the men and women who have set their sails towards their dreams and goals.

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