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    Become an Adaptive Leader

    Learn how to lead yourself and your team more effectively with our weekly NEWSLETTERS

    Talent management: Put the right people in the right seats on the bus

    Developing Leaders in a fast paced, changing world

    We develop conscious, self-aware Leaders that are better equipped to understand the drivers of people’s behaviour and attitudes and thereby have a greater influence on others

      Develop a more cohesive team 

    Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence is a key part of adaptive leadership. It is the ability to manage yourself and your relationships with others so that you can live your intentions. We help leaders to develop the emotional intelligence competencies required to thrive in a changing world.

    Our coaches

    Dave Boreham

    Dave Boreham


    Dave is the CEO of MCA Resources Group, an Adaptive Leadership Consultant, a Life & Business Coach for Executives, a Professional Speaker and an Author.


    Public Speaking
    • Achieve Greatness
    • Become Valuable
    • Don’t Wait – Take Charge Now
    • The Extra 1%
    • Get Unrealistic Change
    • Leadership in the New Economy
    • The Art of Fulfilment
    • The Manic Society
    • The Power is Within Us
    • The Quick Fix is to understand that there is no Quick Fix
    • The Science of Achievement
    • Understand the power of YOU in customer service
    • Upside Down Thinking
    • YOU are the brand
    Raynor Boreham

    Raynor Boreham

    Regional Manager: East Africa

    Raynor is an International Facilitator, Speaker and Coach, and has been with MCA Training International for 10 years. He has trained managers and delegates from big organisations to small businesses in multiple countries.

    Focus Area:
    Life, Goal Setting & Visioning Coaching
    Coaching for all individuals up to the middle management level

    Public Speaking
    • Coping with stress in a manic society
    • Leadership for the information era
    • You are the brand
    Tendai Chikoto

    Tendai Chikoto

    Coach: Kenya

    Tendai is passionate about developing people by helping them realise and maximize their potential to live their purpose. He consults, facilitates, lead workshops and speaks. His desire is seeing organisations transform and excel in performance through planned interventions.


    MacDuff Phiri

    MacDuff Phiri

    Regional Manager: South-East Africa // Country Head: Malawi

    MacDuff is an entrepreneur, international speaker and facilitator. He has a passion to see men and women succeed in every area of their lives, while they rise to a higher level of excellence in every aspect of life.


    Sunganani Manjolo

    Sunganani Manjolo

    Coach: Malawi

    Sunganani is someone who is passionate about working with people to help them identify and pursue their purpose in life. He also enjoys helping people and teams in attaining their goals. He is committed to professionalism and excellence in his service delivery with an unmistakable passion in it all.


    Naomi Nkhwanjiwa Manjolo

    Naomi Nkhwanjiwa Manjolo

    Coach: Malawi

    Naomi is passionate about learning and developing people. She believes that the right coaching can make a difference between success and failure; good and great; falling and rising up to success after a fall.

    Eddie Botes

    Eddie Botes

    Regional Manager: South-West Africa

    Eddie is an International Facilitator, Speaker and Coach, and has been with MCA Training International for over 15 years and has trained in multiple countries with large and small organisations.

    Focus Area:
    Life, Leadership, Presenting & Public Speaking Coaching
    Coaching for individuals up to Senior Management level

    Public Speaking
    • Achieving peak performance
    • Leadershift
    • Shift happens
    • The power of influence
    Masautso Nyathando

    Masautso Nyathando

    Country Head: Zambia

    Masautso is a renowned Human Resource Practitioner in Zambia with 42 years’ experience in the field. He is a product of the University of Zambia and Strathclyde University in Scotland where he studied Public Administration and Human resource Management respectively.


    Public Speaking
    • Achieving peak performance
    • Leadershift
    • Shift happens
    • The power of influence
    Stefan Lessing

    Stefan Lessing

    Coach: South Africa

    Stefan is a Leadership, and Personal Mastery Coach, a sought after speaker, Master Facilitator, and author of the self-study pack called “Become the Person you Want to Be”. He holds a B Prim Ed degree from the North West University.

    Focus Area:
    Life, business, leadership coaching for all levels of management

    Public Speaking

    Leadership Coaching, Mentoring and Development:

    • Leadership Development Programmes (LDP’s)
    • Leadership Consulting – Assisting Companies to align People Strategies for the delivery of company goals and strategic objectives.
    • Maximising Staff Engagement (
    • Leadership Styles
    • Coaching for Performance
    • High Performance Teaming
    • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • Business Performance Dialogue – Assisting companies to create a safe environment conducive for the sharing of real information between ALL levels. This enables decision makers to make the right decisions for the business, in line with the strategy, and objectives.
    • Rigorous Conversation
    • Organisational Culture and Morale
    • Change Management
      • Guiding Individuals, Teams, and Companies through the change journey (Using best practice models).
      • Dealing with resistance and fears in the system, in order to
      • Create buy-in and readiness for the approaching new realities. I also
      • Assist companies where the change has already occurred to get staff onboard.
        • Personal Empowerment Workshops (Leading “Self”)
          • Principles of Resilience,
          • Principles of Personal Mastery, and Emotional Intelligence
          • Principles of Healthy Relationships and Effective Teams,
          • Principles of Effective Selling and Practice Management
        • Trust Sessions – Leadership Teams, Leaders and Subordinates as well as Team Members.
        • Clarifying Expectations and Roles
        • Team Effectiveness
        • Sales Training and Coaching
        • Practice Management – Focusing Time, Energy, Resources and Brand in line with the 20/80 principle.
        • Client Service Excellence
    Patrick Abah-Dakou

    Patrick Abah-Dakou

    Country Head: Ghana and Togo

    Patrick Abah-Dakou is a Togolese. He has a rich experience of nearly 13 years in banking with Ecobank Togo and Ecobank Ghana in various positions, especially in the area of Excellence in Customer Service. Patrick has a great passion for the development of human resources and has a determination to see employees and businesses reach their greatest potential and achieve their priorities.


    Freda Abah-Dakou

    Freda Abah-Dakou

    Coach: Ghana

    Freda Evelyn believes that with tenacity and diligence, many things can be achieved within the framework of one’s strengths and abilities.


    Dr Richard Kyereboah

    Dr Richard Kyereboah

    Coach: Ghana

    Dr. Richard Kobina Kyereboah has multi-industry exposure in education, manufacturing and the financial services. His career in these sectors has been in management, safety, human resources, leadership and corporate governance. He is a seasoned counselor, mentor and advisor. Richard has operated in west, east, southern and central Africa working on corporate mergers, acquisitions and Human Resources development as well as talent search and management. He is currently the CEO of Core Career Development Consult.


    Some of our Clients


    “What MCA preaches is simple and yet effective, powerful yet humbling and best of all makes sure you do never forget that at the core of everything you want to be and achieve requires you to be an exceptional human being.”


    Abdulhussain Tejani – HR Director

    “The whole experience has been so rewarding that I would sum it as priceless.”


    Morecome Mumba Director of Human Resources and Administration Zesco Limited

    “Overall, I would recommend MCA’s programs as they have all had a profound positive impact on the performance of many of my team and our business.”


    Steve Hamilton-Clark – CEO of TNS Global

    “These powerful courses and tools has transformed perceptions, behavior and attitudes that helped the Authority work as a winning team and achieve excellent results.”


    Dr. Michael J. Tumbare – Chief Executive of Zambezi River Authority

    “This is THE program for any person who wants to live a life of purpose. No doubt about it. It’s massive. Absolutely brilliant.”

    Anthony Ziba –  ICT Director of Finance Intelligence Authority

    “It is a course to attend and you will never regret.”

    Kennam Brightson Kalilani –  Deputy Director General of Finance Intelligence Authority

    “This is a powerful life changing program. I am challenged, energized and inspired. I will go and live this one life I have been given to the glory of God!”

    Atuweni Juwayeyi-Agbermodji –  Director General of Finance Intelligence Authority

    “This is a very wonderful course that I highly recommend anyone to attend and be part of. This course will improve your thinking, your way of doing things and approach to life. Please get on board and make a difference.”

    Ulemu Nkhoma – ICT Manager of Finance Intelligence Authority

    “The training challenges you to meet your true self and the enormous potential that you have otherwise been sitting on. It gives you a new self-belief.”

    Chikondi Lipato Sikwese – Manager, Financial Investigations of Finance Intelligence Authority

    “This is a very, very ESSENTIAL program that everyone needs to attend to get the energy/fuel that will get us through.”

    Merium Sodala Chithila – Operations Analysis Manager of Finance Intelligence Authority


    At MCA Training International we hold various events throughout the year to empower and motivate individuals both locally and internationally! From seminars to conferences we appeal to all to participate and become the best version of themselves. Find out when the next event is taking place in an area near you.

    Affirmation, a Yay of a Nay

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    Six Reasons You Should Look at Intentionally Creating Your Company Culture

    It was the late Peter Drucker who reportedly said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Yet boards appear to be paying only lip service to Drucker's fundamental, according to a new survey by tax and accountancy firm Mazars, the INSEAD business school in...

    Self Awareness as a Key to Handling Change

    The concept of change invokes various emotions in people depending on how they look at it. For some, change can be exciting as it represents new opportunities whereas for others it is dreaded because it can spell new challenges. Having finally managed to read Dr...

    4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Goal in Sight

    Goal setting is not that difficult as compared to working toward that goal. There are a lot of unpredictables that come into play once you set off the journey. These blocks and detours and whatnot account for why most people do not achieve their goals. Keeping that...

    How to Be an Inspirational Leader

    In Simon Sinek’s best selling book, Start with why he shares the following story about Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the co-founders of Apple: “The personal computer revolution was beginning to brew when Wozniak built the Apple I. Just starting to gain attention,...

    Learning from Failure: 5 Keys to Consider

    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." --Henry Ford The story of a young man, Jean-Luc will be used to illustrate the powerful keys we can pick from failure and how we can turn our failure into success. Jean-Luc was an...

    The Difference between Good Leaders and Great Leaders

    One of my students shared the following quote on our WhatsApp group this week: “A truly great boss is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.” Upon which another bright spark remarked: “I agree but you can’t forget a bad boss either. LOL!”...

    Perseverance: The Leader’s Most Powerful Trait

    When I first embarked on the leadership journey, I had wonderful visions and great hopes flooding my mind. Visions of honour, respect, admiration and high regard among men. However, soon I realised that there is a price to be paid and that the leadership journey...

    A Leader’s Assertiveness

    Nelson Mandela is certainly a household name for many in the world now because of what he stood for. His ideals and values are exemplary even for children yet to be born. He was a great leader and respected by many. It is said that he even sought to empower his...

    Critical Thinking for the Adaptive Leader – 9 Characteristics to Develop

    VUCA is an acronym that is now well established as a description for the business world that we currently operate in. In a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, there is no going back to the familiar and predictable world prior to the global financial...

    Steps to success for teens

    A revolutionary program designed to equip teenagers

    with the tools to design their best lives


    Go Go Bum Bum Go Go – Grant Boreham

    This 20 page guide will show you HOW you can stay focused and positive about your goals so that you can achieve them. It will also show you HOW you can develop this principle to be part of your character so that you’ll continually achieve what you want in your life.

    Have Do Be Anything You Want – Dave Boreham

    With over 15 000 copies already sold, Dave Boreham has helped THOUSANDS of individuals discover the principles that gave them the motivation and purpose to succeed in ALL areas of their lives.

    Peak Performance

    The Peak Performance Audio System was designed for all those who desire to be more effective and fulfilled. Join the men and women who have set their sails towards their dreams and goals.

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