On the 25th of October 2007, my youngest brother was murdered in a senseless act of violence. This was a really hard time for my family and myself – feelings of anger, confusion, sadness and frustration were ripe. 

I’m sure that you yourself have had a moment, or a few, in your life where you have felt those same emotions. It could be from someone saying unnecessary things about you, someone taking advantage of you or even something as little as someone cutting you off in traffic. 

The lesson my family and I had to apply during that tough experience back in 2007 was that we could only have true freedom, once we learned how to – LET. IT. GO.



In life you will be exposed to horrible experiences. Experiences that could make you sad, angry, confused, hurt or even furious! In these situations you have two choices. You can choose to hang onto the hurt , pain, resentment or anger – or you can choose to LET. IT. GO.

To help you make the choice to LET. IT. GO. You must become aware that anger, frustration, resentment, etc. will not serve you in any way. Those emotions will only breed more negative emotions. They will cause you to do and say things that are against what you value…this will only lead to more misery, regret, heartache and suffering. They will hold you captive and will impact on everything you do because it will be all you can focus on.

Stephen R. Covey said, “Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to CHOOSE how anybody or anything outside of ourselves will affect us.” 

Choosing to LET. IT. GO. will free you from the pain and suffering, it will allow you to be truly free to live your life by your own terms and conditions.



At no time have I said that it would be easy, but it is necessary.

Here are a few reminders that will help you LET. IT. GO.

  • Underst and that there are some things you can not change…this includes other people. Realize that you are only in control of your own actions and choices – so choose to be free by living your values.
  • Write down how these negative emotions have effected or will effect you. They may cause you to act out in a senseless act of violence or frustration that could leave you being arrested or maybe hurting those that love you.
  • Pray for the strength to LET. IT. GO. This includes things that you have done in the past that you regret. The past does not determine your future, but what you do today will influence who you are tomorrow…so choose to take a step toward growth.


So, my friends, when you are faced with these choices in life, choose freedom, choose peace, choose happiness and just LET. IT. GO.

Your friend,