Did you know that 80% of executives agree that the number one critical issue for their business today is attracting, recruiting, training, and retaining the RIGHT PEOPLE? 

Why is this important?

Well, typically in the recruiting process for a vacant position we would sift through a mountain of CV’s before finally reaching a shortlist of the most acceptable c andidates for that position. Next we would interview those c andidates, hoping they are being honest and c andid with their answers and based on this criteria we would hire the most appealing/appropriate c andidate.

Here’s the problem with this…

Just like an iceberg, we can only see the tip of it sticking out of the water, but we all know that most of the mass of that majestic piece of ice is hidden under the surface of the water. It’s the same when we go through this common recruitment procedure, it is impossible to see the “whole” person, we only see the “tip”.

Down the line we find that perhaps this ‘iceberg’ is not the one we would like and unfortunately by this stage the damage has been done. No business can afford this risk.

High Performing organisations use effective recruitment tools and assessments that allow them to see the ‘whole’ person.

The reason why this is so important is because the RIGHT PEOPLE can be your greatest assest, the wrong people can be your greatest liability. Jim Collins, the author of ‘Good to Great’, said it best:

  1. Put the right people on the bus.
  2. Get the wrong people off the bus.
  3. Put the people in the right seats on the bus.
  4. And the bus will take you where you want to go.

This realization can be the difference to success or failure my friends, you cannot afford to risk your business on an iceberg, bring in the right people and watch your organization take off, this I can promise you!

Continue to build your extraordinary business by recruiting the RIGHT people.

Your friend,


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