“Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game. It is a game however which cannot be played successfully, without the knowledge of spiritual law.” This is how Florence Scovel Shinn starts her book with the same title as this article.

We all live our lives according to a set of values. Values can be likened to a compass, as it determines the direction of our lives. The basis from which we make our decisions. The determining factor of the things we desire. Our values are affected by our environments, our religion, our experiences, our culture and the people in our lives – parents, teachers, spiritual and community leaders; and our friends. Although we often share values with certain groups of people – values remain a personal thing.

The ’law’ that Shinn mentions in her book, refers to a set of principles… The blueprint of the way life works. An eternal metaphysical reality that doesn’t ask if we believe that it exists. The law is common across many religious beliefs and that cannot be broken. Many people have broken themselves against these principles as a result of ignorance, laziness, fear or stubbornness. A set of principles that need to be discovered; and when discovered will always be recognised as “TRUTH”. These laws apply to every area of living – financial, relational (social), spiritual and physical.

The first step in mastering the game of life is the recognition and acceptance that this law exists. The second thing is to practise one’s awareness. To start paying attention to the effect of our words, thoughts, choices and actions on our lives, our families, our teams and/or our companies. Every area in my life that I am happy about, is connected to what I think, say and do concerning that area. This is exactly the same way with those parts of my life that bring me pain, frustration, lack and hardship.

An unhealthy marriage or a business or any other area of our lives that just refuse to flow is often linked to the breaking of the LAW – one or a couple of principles that make up this law. This could be as a result of my chosen religious beliefs, my culture or my own philosophy. In her article The 12 Laws of the Universe, Sarah Regan mentions the 12 universal laws, discovered by ancient cultures, but are still as relevant as ever. I’d like to share a few thoughts on 6 of them:

  1. Everything is connected (The Law of Oneness)
    It is impossible for us to do anything without this having an impact on someone or something else. We have influence, impact and effect wherever we go, and in whatever we do. This awareness needs to move us to ensure that who we are, and what we do impacts the world in a positive way.
  2. You Reap what you Sow (The Law of Compensation)
    In nature, one will never reap a different plant from what you made the effort to plant. Social media will go viral if corn seed produced wheat or an apple tree bananas. Where we sow distrust, we WILL create an environment of suspicion. Bitterness, jealousy and envy can never produce love or joy. Be the person you want in your relationship.
  3. Your reality boils down to Perception (The Law of Relativity)
    Your reality is always YOURS! Someone with a different worldview, background or experience will seldom see it exactly as you do. If your perception helps you be better, effective and at peace, keep it. But if it brings you the opposite, be brave enough to find out where you need to change your view, and disciplined enough to alter your ways.
  4. There is a Positive and Negative in everything (The Law of Polarity)
    Not the worse situation in the world is without something positive… Something to learn. Something to be thankful for. Something to use for good… Look for it, find it, focus on it and do something positive about it.
  5. Your external reality reflects your internal reality (The Law of Correspondence).
    Who you are, how you feel about yourself (and the world for that matter); reflects on your environment… be it beauty or chaos. Look inside… How do you really feel about the man or the woman in the mirror? What do you say when you speak to yourself? Look around you and notice the effect it has on the people you care about. Is that the way you want it?
  6. You attract what you focus on. (The Law of Attraction)
    The more you see yourself struggling, failing, hurting or losing; the more you will struggle, fail, hurt and lose… Thoughts are also energy. Concentrate all your resources on the desired outcome.

Decide to lead and live life consciously. Decide what is working for you in your life – your business, your relationships, your body, your mind and spirit – and what is preventing you from having a joyful, meaningful existence. Pay attention to your behaviour – what you say and do. Ask yourself what you want your life to be like. Be very careful what you ask for because you will get it. Pay attention to your intuition – that is how God speaks to us. Be brave enough to break a tradition, if necessary. You can be the start of a meaningful, productive, peaceful, authentic and effective family, business, team, department, company or even country. It is indeed up to you!

Love and Respect
Stefan Lessing