We all possess a Superpower, perhaps disguised as a talent or a gift. Think of Novak Djokovic and his tennis prowess, or Beyoncé’s enchanting voice. These apparent Superpowers, though captivating, often veil the true Superpower lying beneath - attributes like discipline or passion.

Yet, even the most exceptional athletes, if they believe their inherent sporting talent is their ultimate Superpower, could encounter a predicament as time inevitably diminishes physical prowess. This is where the quest for the real Superpower of life comes into play. It's the power of discovering authentic love for people. Imagine a scenario where every endeavour you embark upon is geared towards nurturing, uplifting, and empowering fellow human beings.

Consider Novak Djokovic. Had he uncovered this profound Superpower early in his career, his presence on the court would have transcended mere titles and financial gains. Instead, he could have been an even greater beacon of inspiration, a source of motivation, and an advocate for others' growth. Maybe he has been doing this all along; regardless, it's never too late to harness the true power derived from love for humanity. It is an eternal power that the Holy Bible declares as infallible - “Charity Never faileth”.

But don't be misled into thinking this Superpower is reserved solely for the privileged. It's attainable by anyone on this planet, whether a mechanic, plumber, hairdresser, or clerk. Once the authentic love for people is ignited, life undergoes a transformative shift; the same surroundings take on a new hue; everything remains unchanged, yet everything changes.

When your drive to wake up each day, fix cars, style hair, construct buildings, or manage tasks becomes grounded in authentic love for people, you unleash your ultimate Superpower and invite genuine happiness. Success in your respective realm will inevitably follow suit, drawing from the boundless reservoir of authentically loving people.

So, embark on this journey of self-discovery, where your Superpower lies not just in your apparent talents, but in the profound love and care you extend to your fellow human beings. This is the path to an enriched existence, a life powered by a force that knows no bounds – the true power of love. Discover your Superpower today and witness the world change around you.

Adriaan Groenewald

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