“Two men looked through the self-same bars; one saw the mud, the other the stars.”

Perception is a powerful thing.

You and I look at the same world but yet we can see the world very differently from one another. Why is that?

Well, your and my perception can be formed by a number of different reasons; it could be because of the way we were brought up, our experiences, our culture, our education, our religion, in fact, there a quite a few ways our perceptions are molded. The way we view the world and what’s in it can be some way attributed to these circumstances and so that’s why our perceptions can be so different because all of our circumstances are different.

But why is our perception on things so important?

Let me share a story with you…

When Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, was asked by a reporter why he failed 999 times before he was able to invent the light bulb, he responded with this profound statement, he said, “I did not fail 999 times, I just found 999 ways on how not to make the light bulb”.

Can you see the difference? Can you see how important Thomas’ perception of his situation was?

If he saw it the same way that reporter did, well then he might have quit a long time before he discovered how to make a light bulb, but thankfully for us, he saw each setback as a learning opportunity that brought him closer and closer to reaching his dream.

It is the same for you and I. How do we view our circumstances, our failures, our achievements? Do we see them as part of our journey to reaching our goals or do we see them as hindrances and inconveniences that convince us to give up?

In the workplace, as a leader, you are required on many occasions to view certain situations from another person’s perspective, this is also known as empathy – an integral part of emotional intelligence. Having the ability to “walk in someone else’s shoes” could make or break the relationships you create with your team.

Remember that you are not perfect, you cannot know everything, so sometimes your perception can be wrong, listen to others, be more aware of what other people have to say, they could help you rectify that situation in your life, don’t be stubborn and set in your own ways, there is no place for ego in leadership.

My friends, if you find that your perception is wrong or needs improving, change it now. You have the power and ability to do so. There is nothing you can’t do, just things you haven’t done yet. Have the perception to never give up to always look forward and reach for your dreams. I know you can do it!

Your friend,