Crafting compelling programs that bring people together involves more than just logistics; it requires meticulous preparation, a touch of innovation and a willingness to embrace the unfamiliar.

As the dawn of another new year arrived, it brought with it a surge of fresh hopes, desires, and aspirations, infusing renewed energy into the pursuit of new goals. With my ambitions firmly entrusted into the hands of my maker, God, I embarked on the journey, resolved to work diligently within the set timeframe.

Amidst the anticipation, the first staff engagement of the year loomed large on my agenda. This gathering was not a mere formality. It was a significant gathering of all employees within the organization to set the tone for the year ahead and ignite a sense of purpose among team members.

Collaborating with an exceptional team, I knew success was within reach. I found myself shouldered with the responsibility of securing a distinguished guest speaker for the occasion—a figure of stature capable of motivating and challenging individuals to attain greater heights.

Over the years, we had consistently met expectations, earning resounding praise and applause for our team’s efforts. However, on the day of the event, when I announced my choice to a colleague, scepticism greeted me. “Why choose someone unknown?” she queried. “What can they offer?”

It was then that I realized: that perhaps my penchant for new faces was misconstrued as a strategy, when in fact, it was an embrace of untapped potential. It sparked questions about whether opportunities should be reserved only for those we know personally or those who are public figures or famous.

Reflecting on this encounter led me to ponder: must we intimately know individuals before affording them opportunities? Does wisdom only reside in the realm of popularity? My mentor’s wise words echoed in my mind, reminding me that life is not a popularity contest. Indeed, wisdom knows no bounds, and learning extends beyond the confines of familiarity. Every opportunity to share views, thoughts, and experiences, contributes to knowledge acquisition and self-improvement.

Too often, we dismiss those we do not know, failing to recognize the wealth of knowledge they may possess. Yet, our circles are shaped by our experiences, limiting our exposure to hidden gems. Every encounter, regardless of familiarity, presents an opportunity for growth—a chance to broaden our horizons.

In my journey, I have discovered that success in knowledge sharing hinges on several factors: expertise in the subject matter, relatable experiences, preparedness, and above all, a passion for impact. Embracing new faces has not only yielded fruitful outcomes but also challenged my audience to explore uncharted territory.

So, I ask you: do you share my penchant for new faces? Embrace the unknown, and you may just uncover treasures waiting to be discovered. After all, expanding our social capital is an adventure worth embarking on. As for me, I will continue to seek out new faces—how about you?

Amma Ansah

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