I am very privileged and blessed to be able to live in a place where little children are able to roam our neighborhood.

I remember one day as I looked out my window to see the kids playing in the street in front of our house, I noticed how they were pretending to be pirates on the open sea. I reflected on my own childhood and how I used to play in a similar way. I soon was reminded of a question asked by Walt Disney where he said,

“Would the child you were be proud of the adult you have become?”

I have always loved that question. When we are children we have no limits, our imaginations run wild, our dreams for our lives are endless, we know there is nothing we cannot do. What a wonderful way to see the world! Then something sad happens…we grow up.


Now I am not saying that getting old is bad, of course it isn’t, it’s inevitable. What I am saying is that somewhere between when we were kids and where we are now, we lost that ability to dream without restriction. As we grow up people tell us there are certain things we can never do and soon we start to believe them and so we give up on those once excitable dreams.

My friends, I want to tell you now, that there is NOTHING that you cannot do. If you have a dream that excites you, motivates you, that makes you feel all tingly inside, don’t let that dream slip away. Don’t let other people tell you what you can or cannot do, only YOU can decide that for yourself.

So decide now to dream big, dream limitless and most importantly dream as a little child. For there is so much happiness in the accomplishment of our dreams.

Happiness awaits you my friends, it is only one dream away, go out and get it.

Your friend,