A few months ago, a terrible thing happened to a friend of mine. As my friend was leaving work one evening a minivan pulled up behind his car in the parking lot. 8 men in masks jumped out of the minivan holding rifles. They took my friend back into his office and dem anded that he opened the vault at the back of the office. He opened it and told them there was nothing inside. The men were upset and after a lot of threatening of my friend’s life one of the men eventually shot him in the leg and in his face.

My friend by all accords should have died that night, but he didn’t, he miraculously pulled through. The doctors then told him he would be in hospital for at least 6 months before he would be able to walk out of their care – he walked out after 3 weeks! When I chatted to my friend about his experience I asked him a simple yet important question…”what got you through it?” To which he replied, “My beautiful wife and my daughter to be.” He wanted to be with his family again and although the doctors told him it couldn’t be done he said to me, “I knew I wouldn’t be there for long”.

So I would like to ask you this, what is it that gives these people their strength to overcome, even in the most hopeless of situations?





William James said, “The most important discovery of our time is that we can alter our lives, by altering our attitudes.”

John C Maxwell said, “Most people would rather change their circumstances to improve their lives when instead they need to change themselves to improve their circumstances.”

Our attitude is a powerful thing indeed we can change our lives by changing our attitudes. It was my friend’s attitude that got him through probably one of the most trying periods of his life and it is with his words that I would like to leave you with today:

“One thing I have learnt from this experience, no one underst ands how much the body can take and how much willpower can get you through. “If you can withst and bullets you can withst and anything.”

My friends, you can do anything…if you really want it. Go out there and take what’s yours, all you have to do is have the right attitude.

Your friend,


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Remember, success in life is due to 85% attitude and only 15% skill and ability (study concluded by Harvard & other Universities)