I’m sure you have heard the saying about exercising that “you have to burn it, to earn it!”. Now I’m not talking about you going out and exercising, but the same principle applies with your goals in life, that before you can earn your goals and dreams, you first need to burn with desire…let me explain further.

There are three types of attitudes in life, i.e. the Quitters, Campers and Climbers.
“Quitters” ab andon their dreams and give up on their lives.
“Climbers” go only so far and then they choose to sit out their remaining years in their comfort zone.
“Climbers”, on the other h and, are dedicated to the lifelong process of growing and contributing.

Many years ago I designed a programme to help people move themselves from average performance into peak performance.  In the research I conducted, in order to design the programme, I was very fortunate to have interviewed people who I felt were “together” in their lives – “climbers”.  People who were at peace with themselves.  As a result of this research I uncovered eleven characteristics associated with peak performers. I will, over the next while, share with you these eleven characteristics starting with:

1.  Climbers have a burning desire to succeed


Mankind has an innate need to grow.  It is this journey of growth that allows you to discover the great potential with which you have been blessed.  Not only do you overcome the fears in your life, but you begin to learn more about yourself.  This in turn gives you greater ability to deal with your path in life more confidently and you experience a burning desire to grow.

I am often asked what I mean by “burning desire” and I usually reply by telling the story of a young student strolling along the beach with his teacher.  The young man asked his teacher the question “What is it like to have “a burning desire” for something?  Why is a burning desire so special?  In answer, his teacher pushed him into the sea and sat on him, so that his head was held under the water.  The young man struggled to free himself, but his teacher continued to hold his head under the water for some forty-five seconds, after which he released him.  Gasping for air the student cried, “Why did you do that?” to which his teacher replied “Now you know what it is like to experience a burning desire”!

Climbers are committed to life.  When you are committed to something you accept no excuses, only results.  If you are only “interested” in something you will do it when it is convenient to you.  The great German philosopher Goethe said, “If you commit to a purpose that matters, a purpose that is personally motivating and powerful for you, you can achieve at levels that perhaps you never dreamed of.”  All Climbers have a compelling purpose.  A purpose that matters to them.

I would love to hear about what purpose personally matters to you? Please leave me a comment below this post.

I wish you everything of the very best as you continue on your path of growth and contribution.
Kind Regards

Dave Boreham