If you’re similar to me then you just LOVE animated movies!

Not just because they are full of creative genius, but also because of the great inspirational message at the end.

Saturday night I spent watching “The LEGO Movie”. I was really touched by the deep message at the end…take a look at this quick video below.

(if you have some time maybe even grab a quick snack or some tissues – they may be needed).


That is my message to you.

In your fight to becoming extraordinary, on your path to your goals, dreams and desires – you need to always remember that you are special. You are special because you have the ability to change, not just yourself, but you have the ability to inspire others to change.

No matter what has happened in your past, even 1min ago, you still have the choice to make a change, to push on, to grow, to give, to love, to be better.

Mahatma G andhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world,” I would like to add ” and the change you want to see in your life.”

Keep pushing on, keep fighting, keep believing and trusting… and never stop becoming extraordinary.


-Grant Boreham

P.S Leave me a comment below on which animated movie you just LOVE! I’ll be sure to comment back.