We’re all operating in a VUCA world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity reign. Because there are no assurances in this environment, garnering both personal and organisational success requires an agile mindset. At a leadership level, agility is a mindset that facilitates rapid growth and the adoption of key business strategies. Agility helps leaders differentiate themselves on three key levels:

  1. Being able and willing to adapt to change
  2. Remaining resilient in times of change and uncertainty
  3. Learning from their experiences, including failures

Think about your company’s leadership. Agile leaders respond quickly to industry changes and lead the charge to seize opportunities. They inspire others to spot and seize future opportunities and drive the team to be operationally nimble. They also create a culture of adaptation where everyone is expected to respond to a changing environment with speed and flexibility.

Now consider the leaders in your organisation who might lack agility. They probably become lost and consumed by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, or ambiguity. Given their old thinking paradigms, these rigid leaders struggle to cope and are resistant to change, placing their companies at risk of stagnation and extinction.

Agile Leaders = a strong organisation

  1. Agile leaders set direction. 
  2. Agile leaders execute and follow through with calculated speed. 
  3. They know how to effectively align resources.  
  4. Agile leaders inspire others to achieve seemingly impossible goals. 
  5. They put the spotlight on others. 
  6. Agile leaders know how to think strategically. 
  7. They understand the talent development process. 
  8. Agile leaders lead from within. 

Gone are the days when leaders had the luxury of playing the “wait and see” game. Today’s leaders need to add value by being agile and confident enough to act on opportunities and make strategic decisions with lightning speed.

The law of the jungle simply states that “the slow get eaten by the fast.” This law really applies to leadership today.


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