Vincent Lombardi, the great American Baseball coach said, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

Howard Hendricks also said, “Nothing is more common than unfulfilled potential.

Only a very small percentage of people ever really unleash their potential during their lives. They are commonly referred to as the:

  • 3%
  • The Climbers
  • The extraordinary
  • The incredible few, etc.


So what do the other 97% have in common?

They choose the low road over the high road. In other words they choose ‘pleasing methods’ over ‘pleasing results’.

Success is not natural; Failure or sitting on your behind is. 97% of people only want to do the things they enjoy doing. They only want to do the easy things – they want pleasing methods. They believe that if it is not easy to do, why bother? They would rather be amused than to ‘muse’ (think).


So what do the extraordinary have in common?

They make a habit of doing the things that are right for them regardless of how difficult these might be to do. They exercise discipline, determination, faith and patience in executing and living their intentions. They are not looking for instant pleasure. Nobody enjoys doing the difficult, the challenging the unnatural.

Then why do these three per cent take action?

The answer is because they do not focus on the process (pleasing method) they focus on the result (how they will benefit from taking the action). This difference in focus or attitude is what turns the average person into the extraordinary person.



Ask yourself this question:

What is the one thing that I need to do right now that would move my life or my business forward?

Then ask:

How will I benefit from doing it?

Write it down and do it!


Taking action and doing one thing a day that moves you closer towards your goals is an empowering and positive habit. Actions bring about habits, Habits bring about Character.

Create for yourself the actions that develop the habits that lead to happiness, wisdom, love, peace freedom, personal power, wealth and health.

Start forming the right personal and financial habits and I guarantee to you that great things will follow. It is your choice to join the ranks of the extraordinary. Nothing can stop you, but YOU!

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” – Maria Robinson


May you have the desire and belief that YOU CAN do extraordinary things!

Your Friend