Have you ever thought to yourself “I can’t do that. I’m not skilled enough, talented enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc.”?

Have you ever given up on a goal, project or task because you began to think that “it’s too hard” or “too impossible”? Which lead to thinking “I’m not skilled enough, talented enough, smart enough, etc.”?

You see, you don’t do things unless you first consistently think it is possible to do them…you also don’t give up on a goal, project or task, unless you first begin to consistently think that you can’t do it.

But why do you stop? Why do you give up?

It’s because somewhere along the way you start to tell yourself “I can’t do this. I’m not skilled enough, talented enough, smart enough,etc.”

BUT what if you consistently told yourself “I can do this! I deserve this! I’m entitled to this!” and week by week you stuck it out and worked at your goal, project or task – no matter how hard it gets, no matter how many times you fall or stumble?

When you do that something will begin to happen to you. You’ll begin to build self confidence, character and a positive attitude. Doors of opportunity will begin to open for you, leading you closer to your goals and vision. And then it will be your thoughts¬†that will either push you through that door, saying to yourself “I can do this!” …or holding you back, saying to yourself “I can’t do that. I’m not skilled enough, talented enough, smart enough, etc.”



In order to achieve whatever you want in life you must first begin to change your attitude and develop a strong character… and that is only possible by:

  1. Being aware of your THOUGHTS
  2. Being aware that you ARE in control of your thoughts
  3. Underst anding WHY you want to and SHOULD control your thoughts
  4. Begin to use techniques and principles that will help you to CHANGE & CONTROL your thoughts CONSISTENTLY

By doing this you’ll be able to always tell yourself “I can do this!” and then you’ll start goals, projects, tasks, etc. that you use to believe weren’t possible to achieve.

You’ll stick with those goals, projects and tasks no matter how hard it gets or impossible to others it may seem… and you WILL achieve ALL that you set out to do.


I truly believe that you were created to be happy and to do great things. I hope you will begin and continue to tell yourself “I can do this!”.

Don’t ever stop being extraordinary.

Your Friend


P.S If you’d like to know more about WHY & HOW you can change and control your thoughts, then check out my guide the “Go Go Bum Bum Go Go“. You can view it by clicking here.