To be alive is to be subject to the EDO Factor.

The EDO Factor states:

All actions in life consist of two foundational actions – Evaluate and Do (EDO)”.

The billions of people living on earth may be separated by a multitude of differences in culture, language, and beliefs. Yet being mortal humankind, we also share great commonalities, including the EDO Factor.

We can discuss whether or not everybody on earth is subject to the EDO Factor, but we cannot argue that those who can read this article are locked into the imperative of EDO.

What is the role of EDO?

  • All human behaviour, including yours and mine, is a direct result of evaluation and doing functions in life.
  • Society can provide a thousand justifications, explanations, and excuses for our behaviour, but our entire lifestyle and destiny are determined by our responses to the EDO imperative. 
  • As the dust settles around our expressed feelings about our EDO lifestyle, the truth is that we have our agency (choice) and we get to evaluate and do all the seconds of our precious life.
  • No matter what categories of lifestyle we may decide that we belong or do not belong to, no matter what profession or passions or concerns or beliefs or even what pain we are enduring – we default to the universal principle of EDO. 
  • It may be stated with justified authority that the vast bulk of the problems and suffering (and happiness) of the world is a direct consequence of evaluating and doing in some form or other. The great challenge of our life is what we allow to happen between evaluation and doing, not so? 
  • It may justifiably be claimed that the bulk of suffering in our society is caused by the EDO actions of “other people”. That may be true to a great extent, but it is also true that the essence of my personal mindset (and affinity with divinity for example) is caused by my own response to the EDO Factor.
  • Our mindset towards the pillars of thankfulness, nourishment (of body, mind and spirit), our passion for serving others, and our inner peace are what differentiates each of us from being swept into the world of fear, doubt, and arrogance. (Reference: The Four Pillars of Transformational Model eBook) 

Those reading this brief article are committed to a lifestyle of being true to who they are and lifting others to be true to their divine potential and who they are. This Old Man thanks you for that mindset. The world needs you more than anything else. If we can help you in any way, please contact us.

‘The Old Man’ – Louis Groenewald

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