The key principle, to getting paid more and st anding out to others, is to… INVEST IN YOURSELF to make YOURSELF more VALUABLE.

Why Invest In Yourself

Are you ever approached by financial advisors who want to sell you “the best investment opportunity ever”?

There are many investment opportunities out there and I’m sure you want to invest in the one that is going to reap the greatest dividends.

In order to help you decide, you first need to underst and what your greatest asset is so that you can better know how to invest in it.

Sales Guru, Tom Hopkins said:

“You are your greatest asset” 

The reason you are your greatest asset is because the first law of economics, that you will not learn at university is, “You get paid for bringing value to the market place.”


Now it is important for you to underst and that it takes time to become valuable and you are not going to be remunerated for the time, but the value.  Therefore you need to spend your time becoming valuable.

Becoming more valuable will help:

  • You receive greater remuneration
  • St and out to other employees so that you will be the clear choice for promotions
  • Your relationships with others improve, whether it be with a spouse, family, employees or clients


And here is how you can do that:


Let me share with you a short, but powerful story…


A huge insurance company for which a friend of mine works went through a re-engineering process.  They retrenched thous ands of people and restructured the organisation.

My friend was appointed head of I.T.  He had only been with the company for close to five years, and now had a number of people, who had been at the company for twenty odd years, reporting to him.

These people were not very happy with the fact that this young man, who had been with the company for a much shorter time than they had, was now heading I.T.

The reason my friend was chosen is because during the five years he was with the company, he took it upon himself to attend as many courses as he could, at his own cost, in order to enhance his skills and increase his knowledge and value.

The other members of the I.T. department could also have taken these opportunities, but felt comfortable with the knowledge that they had gained over the past twenty odd years.  The problem was that they had one-year experience, twenty odd times over, whereas my friend had five years of varied, updated and dedicated experience.

He was of greater value.  He had invested in himself by giving his time and his money to become more valuable.  Because of his value he also receives a greater remuneration.


 Like my friend you can:

  • Further your studies by getting another degree or even getting an MBA or Phd
  • Do as many courses as possible (related to your field or fields that you would like to get into- you don’t want to become a ‘jack of all trades’)
  • Learn new skills
  • Volunteer to be apart of projects for free, in order to gain greater experience in areas that you may be weak
  • Read books

These are just some ideas as to what you can do to become more valuable. If you are not sure if what you are currently doing is making you more valuable then simply ask yourself, “is this activity helping me improve so that I can move closer to my goals or not?”

If the answer is no, then you should probably cut the activity all together or at least do it in moderation. 


 Time To Take Action

Write down five activities that you could do to improve yourself. They could be anything from studying a degree to reading a book on gardening.

Now list these activities in order of greatest value to you, in other words, which activity is going to help you move closer to your goals quicker. Don’t misunderst and, not which activity will be quicker, but which one will help you to become the most valuable, therefore making you more able to get to your goal quicker.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment below this article on what you want to learn.

I wish you all the best on your journey to becoming more valuable.

-Dave Boreham