Have you ever reflected on your day and realised that although you were busy you didn’t really accomplish much?

How is it possible that you can spend a whole day running around, doing lots of tasks, getting plenty done but still have not moved closer towards your goals?

The answer is simple…

You MAJORED in MINOR things.

In other words –  you were too busy being busy.

Do the important things.

Many of us feel that when we are busy it makes us feel important, but this is a common misconception on our part because most of the time what we are busy with is not actually that important.

James Rohn said, “There are only about half a dozen things that make 80% of the difference”.

This means we need to find the things that are truly important – the things that will get us closer to achieving our goals and vision –   and then start doing those.

Make the change now.

Change requires:

  1. An awareness/knowledge you need to change.
  2. A desire to change.
  3. The skills/ability to change.
  4. Repetition of the new action/habit.


I sincerely hope that you can make the change that you need to in your life – to start living the life you want and move closer to your goals.

Your friend,