I received a lovely plaque from my eldest son’s girlfriend as a birthday present last year which simply said; “Look upward not downward, Look forward not backward, Look outward not inward.”

I have placed this plaque in my bedroom where I can see it every morning when getting up from my good nights’ sleep and it serves to remind me of a great credo for life.

We are blessed with so many experiences in life, some great, some fair and some really difficult to deal with. The fact that you are having experiences is a great blessing in the first place – it means that you are alive, that you are in the position to learn and grow.

It is amazing, however, how many people CHOOSE to live their life in the past. They focus on all the negative experiences they have had to go through, i.e. someone might have criticised them and they spend all their time reliving the criticism over and over again in their mind. Always remember, THE PAST DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE. Whatever has happened to you both good or bad is something that you can learn from to help you move forward into the future. It does not mean you need to live the past into the future, because if you do you will stay in the past.

It is important to enjoy the “present”, to be “in tune” with the present and to learn from the present. Use the positive, uplifting, powerful present experiences to launch you towards greater performance, excitement and joy. Let go of the negative, destructive and disempowering experiences, because if you don’t you become them.
Nothing is more contagious than positive energy!