Do you feel that you want to have greater self respect, love and acceptance? Do you feel that maybe nobody truly loves or respects you, even if they have said they do? Are you doing something that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, or goes against your values or beliefs?

The minute you go against your values you loose trust, love, acceptance and respect for yourself.  When you don’t trust, love, accept or respect yourself you do not have the capacity to believe that others trust, love, accept or respect you.

This is the very reason why so many people who have all the material possessions they want and dream of are often so unhappy. They are like walking shadows with an empty center and no real purpose. They have everything on the outside, but nothing on the inside. Often, to fill this void, they resort to substances or activities like alcohol, drugs, affairs, gambling or just simply keep themselves super busy.

Since I know that you want to be a Peak Performer (otherwise you would not have signed up for this email newsletter), Here are 2 steps to take in order to start being happier and feeling love and respect from yourself and others TODAY!

1 – Recognize the lie!


The perception with most people is that if they are seen to be successful, others will recognise them.  The world has been sold on the fact that the more material assets you possess the more successful you are and therefore the more recognition you will receive.

As a result of this belief they often venture out on a mission to amass money and material goods at the cost of their value system.  They get involved in get rich quick schemes, back-handed deals, crime or in scoring points on the corporate ladder by undermining and belittling others.

They might achieve their monitory ambitions, but they still do not get what they really want – Love, respect and recognition.

2- Identify your values

Values are the guiding systems of our beliefs. For example, if you believe that being healthy is very important, then you will value exercise, healthy eating and drinking, and sufficient rest and sleep. Knowing what your values are will help you to make the right choices when faced with conflicting options or opinions.
Go ahead and write down 5 things that you value the most. Begin by taking the value that you may not be living (or living the least) and make plans to live it more. This may be very hard to do for you, but I promise it will be the most fulfilling thing you could ever do.

Don’t forget how amazing you are, and the potential you have to create a better future for yourself. Leave me a comment below this article. I’d love to hear about some of the things you have begun to implement into your life and the successes you’ve had from the changes you’ve made.

Kind Regards
Dave Boreham