Have you ever been so irritated, annoyed or angry with someone that your emotional state ruined your day? Or how about regretting the way you acted and wished you had behaved in a nicer, more temperate manner?

Well that was exactly me 2 weeks ago…

Some guy or lady (especially taxi’s) would cut me off while driving or swerve into my lane and I would lose my cool. Someone would be rude to me and I would tell them off, and sometimes I would do something nice for someone and they wouldn’t even say thank you. At those moments I would get so annoyed that it would consume my thoughts for a few minutes, hours and sometimes even for the whole day.


I hated reacting so badly and I wished I could be more temperate and not allow other people’s choices to rob me of my happiness…because hey, I’m a nice guy after all and, like you I’m sure, I enjoy being happy.


Then my brilliant and loving fiancé shared with me this following quote from Richard Gere:

“There is a powerful exercise, quite simple,which I began to use many, many years ago.

Who would I have met along the way, be it a person or an insect, the first thought that I assume with respect to this point: “I wish you happiness”.

It completely changes on what is going on between you and that person.

I say this from personal experience. Sometimes it’s very difficult when you meet the enemy, when you find yourself face to face with an unexpected tough situation. 

And at this point you get an opportunity to create more space around you…You see how it pops up this negative emotion, and before it will take “up” over you, you have time to convert it…

You see everything as it is: that’s evident ignorance; anger – not that other, as ignorance from my side, from their side.

Convert him, let go, turn into love.


Try it and see how much everything will change in your life.”

I decided to accept the challenge.


After two weeks of implementing those four words, “I wish you happiness“, into my life ( and trust me I still forget to do it sometimes when I get annoyed) this is my conclusion:

  1. I feel genuine love and kindness towards complete strangers
  2. I have more patience with others and myself
  3. I’m genuinely happier
  4. I laugh more
  5. I’m more underst anding
  6. I’m more content with the fact that others are hurting inside or perhaps having a bad day and don’t need another person (me) to add to their stresses, but instead lift them up with a smile or wave hello.
  7. I’m more temperate which has made me a more effective communicator, fiancé, friend, employee, son and human being
  8. I love myself more


At first it was very hard to sincerely mean “I wish you happiness” to everyone I “said” it to, and most often I didn’t really mean it.

I first had to “fake it till you make it”, but as I have been doing it I can now sincerely wish people I encounter (whether a positive or negative experience) all the happiness in the world.


Lao Tzu said: “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love”.


I hope you create for yourself a more kinder, happier, peaceful and loving world by implementing this change into your life, I know it will bring you much joy.

All you need to do to start this transformation is to begin by saying within yourself “I wish you happiness” to anyone you come across, whether in a good or bad situation. Over time it will become a habit and you will sincerely mean it.

If you feel you may be having some struggles with this challenge or if you would like to share with me your experience, then please leave me a comment below.


And before you go I would just like to say…


Your Friend