I would like to ask you a fairly obvious question:

I if I had to take a large jug of water and start pouring it into a small glass, what will eventually happen?

The glass will eventually overflow, right?


Because, it has reached its CAPACITY.


Your Own Capacity

Just like that glass, we as human beings also have a certain level of capacity…let me explain why this is so important.

With your current capacity, you can only take so much, and just like that glass, you can only give so much in turn because that is all you have to give.

What I am saying is this – let’s say I have a friend who needs help with fixing his car, but I do not know how I, therefore, do not have the capacity to help my friend with his car. The same goes with love, if I do not have the capacity to love, I cannot give that love to someone else, so I probably won’t ever feel satisfied in a relationship because I do not feel loved because I do not have the capacity to love, so I might want to look around for love in all the wrong places.

Can you see how important our capacity can be?

At this stage you might be thinking, “Well, Raynor, that’s great and all, but it all sounds kind of hopeless for me if I don’t have a large capacity”.

Well, that is where we are different to the glass, you see, unlike that glass that has no ability to grow its capacity, we as human beings can. Isn’t that great?!

I guess the next question you have now is, HOW? I’ll tell you…


How To Grow Your Capacity

You increase your capacity by working towards personal worthwhile goals that are aligned to your VISION, PURPOSE and VALUES. As you achieve each of those important goals you are increasing in knowledge, in experience, in wisdom, in love, etc. In other words – YOU ARE INCREASING YOUR CAPACITY!

1 – Write down 3 goals that are aligned with your vision, purpose and values

2- Write down the action steps for those goals

3 – Make plans to achieve those action steps

4 – Share this list with someone who can help keep you responsible for your goals and actions.

5 – Go and do…don’t sit and stew


This, my friend, is one of the secrets to a joyous more fulfilling life. I look forward to hearing your stories of capacity-building experiences, so please share them with me! Good luck and enjoy this wonderful journey of self-discovery and fulfillment, it really is extraordinary!

Your friend,