Do you have that one thing in your life that no matter how hard you try at it to succeed, you just can’t seem to get it quite right? Maybe it even feels like you will never get it right…well don’t give up – just

KEEP ON FAILING! In the words of Samuel Beckett “Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Thomas Edison (the inventor of the light-bulb) tried over 1000 times to invent it before he got it right. One journalist asked him “how did it feel to fail 1000 times?”, he simply replied “I did not fail 1000 times, I just found 1000 ways how not to invent it”.

As you know, I have been speaking about Peak Performers over the last few emails (if you haven’t read any of the emails, no stress, just click here to go to the blog post to find my previous posts). I want to continue today with their next quality –


In order to be a Peak Performer, here are 2 things to remember about failure:

Peak Performers aren’t scared of failing

To be a Peak Performer, underst and that failure is part of growth. Every time you fail realize that you are one step closer to achieving your goal. Have a vision for your life. This vision  will excite you and serve as a motivator even in tough times. Focus on the results  and the rewards that the results will bring. you must also realize that success is a process of overcoming weakness until you develope the character and qualities that will allow you to attract success into your life. Remember you do not attract what you want, but who we are.
Thomas Watson the founder of IBM said, “The way to succeed is to double your failure rate.”

Peak Performers do not allow difficulties and challenges to st and in their way. They overcome and learn from them.

Learn from your mistakes. Don’t continue to try the same thing in the exact same way – instead, take a deep, honest look at yourself  and truly seek for why you failed. Ask yourself questions like, “what did I do wrong? How can I do better tomorrow and in the future? What do I need to learn in order to succeed?”. Once you have recognized where you were weak, then make plans to strengthen those weaknesses and then go out and start again.
One example is Demosthenes, the outst anding Greek orator, who suffered from such a serious speech impediment that he could scarcely speak. So he practiced talking with a mouth full of pebbles, figuring that when he had mastered that, he would be able to speak in public. He eventually became one of the great orators of all time.
Henry Ford said “Failure provides the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently”.

I hope that in the next two weeks you’ll be able to fail a bit more, as failure is a better teacher, and provides far greater opportunities for growth than success ever will – and that is my wish for you, that you will continue to grow and learn.


LOVE to hear back from you! Let me know which of these two obstacles you find more challenging? 1 – finding the belief and motivation to start again OR 2 – being able to look for the reasons why you made the mistake.
Leave me a comment below this post and I’ll be sure to comment back with how you can move ahead and continue in your growth towards success, fulfillment and happiness.

-Dave Boreham