In this fast-paced 21st century, Emotional Intelligence reigns supreme as the ultimate superpower for leaders. Are you equipped with this game-changing skill?

As a leader, your primary duty is to nurture your people and master the art of building relationships. But here's the twist: as you climb the corporate ladder, technical prowess takes a backseat while Emotional Intelligence zooms into the driver's seat.

Gone are the days when brute strength ruled the agricultural revolution or intellectual brilliance dominated the industrial era. Brace yourself for the dawn of a new era, where Emotional Intelligence will be the secret weapon in every modern-day leader's arsenal. The question is: are you prepared for this seismic shift?

Introducing our groundbreaking Emotional Intelligence Master Class—a transformative experience that combines the expertise of world-class coaches with unparalleled skills and real-world experience. Join us and unlock a realm of remarkable outcomes:

  • Amplified self-awareness, forging deeper connections with others.
  • Skyrocketing profitability as your organisation thrives.
  • Unyielding resilience to conquer stress and adversity.
  • Cultivating a sanctuary of psychological safety within your team.
  • Embracing diverse perspectives, a key to innovation.
  • Embracing vulnerability, the gateway to extraordinary growth.
  • Elevating overall well-being, because success should never come at the expense of happiness.

Gone are the days of mere competence. The world craves leaders who embody greatness, trustworthiness, and mastery. Are you ready to unleash your true potential? Let the Emotional Intelligence Master Class empower you to transcend limits and elevate not only yourself but also everyone around you.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Embrace the power of Emotional Intelligence and rewrite the rules of leadership. Join the Emotional Intelligence Master Class now and embark on an extraordinary journey of transformation.

Wednesday, 13 September 2023 until Friday, 15 September 2023 from 8h30 to 16h45 (Join us on Tue, 12 September 2023 for a warm and welcoming check-in experience)

USD 2,200 | ZAR 41,800 per person (50% Non-Refundable Deposit (payable within one week from registration to secure seat))

Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa, 1 Erinvale Avenue, Somerset West, 7130, South Africa

Registration Close: Wednesday, 30 August 2023










Dave Boreham

Dave Boreham

Dave is passionate about the ongoing development of, confident, authentic, transformational leaders. With 33 years’ experience, his wealth of knowledge will leave you inspired, edified, and transformed.

Raynor Boreham

Raynor Boreham

A leadership activist who is passionate about transforming leadership standards. With more than 15 years of experience, he is known as a fun-loving, energetic and enthusiastic coach who will have you engaged throughout the program.

Dillon Jearey

Dillon Jearey

Founder at Kilowatt | Master facilitator at Circle Forward Strategy & Coaching. Virtual team building and Culture specialist. Dillon's passion and purpose is to be the breath that connects individuals to leap into their highest self.

Anthony Carstens

Anthony Carstens

Anthony has more than 10 years of experience working in the health and wellness industry. After his career as a semi-professional footballer, Anthony took up a career in personal training. A national diploma in exercise sciences, a qualification as a pre/post natal training specialist, sports massage, and shamanic breathwork facilitator summarises Anthony's formal skills. He passionately continues to educate himself by active participation in Kickboxing, Yoga, Breathwork and Free Movement.

master class LOCATION

Fairy Knowe Hotel, Wilderness, South Africa

Frequently Asked

What is included in the price?

The price includes:

  1. Shuttle from and to Cape Town International Airport to Erinvale Estate Hotel & Spa
  2. Master Class and conferencing facilities
  3. Accommodation and all meals for the duration of the Master Class.
  4. Certificate of participation.
  5. All training materials
What is excluded from the price?

The price excludes:

  1. Local tax
  2. Flights to Cape Town International Airport, South Africa.
  3. Any Visa costs (If applicable)
  4. Any personal expenses.


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