Dr Amon Kasambala PhD


Dr. Amon E. Kasambala is a natural relationship builder, a visionary and thought leader, an accomplished entrepreneur, a facilitator par excellence and an organizational/business strategist. He has many years of working experience in diverse fields of industry. In Academia, Amon has been a senior University lecturer at Justo Mwale University (Zambia), a visiting fellow and scholar at Princeton (USA), Edinburg (UK), Stellenbosch (South Africa) Universities. In Global development, Amon became a CEO of an international organization operating partnership development work in 26 Sub-Saharan African Countries. In business, Amon became head of HR for an affluent Insurance Company (1800 personnel) based in Durban, South Africa. In the Consulting world, Amon established a Leadership and Management Consultancy in 2014 and has been providing support to businesses and organizations operating both locally in Africa and internationally. Amon has worked with high-level government, business and organization CEOs and Directors from different parts of the globe. Amon is a sought-after renown international public speaker on both business and social issues.


  • Leadership and Management development 
  • Business and organizational strategy
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Organization analytics and Assessments
  • Risk Management and Internal Audit 
  • Board (Governance) development 
  • Diversity management 
  • Communication & Marketing strategy 
  • Public and Business speaking engagements 
  • Building collaborative partnerships across organizational and business value chain
  • Brand and PR development   


Amon has facilitated strategic business alignment, business development and organizational growth ventures for thriving companies like; Bidvest International, SA Bulk Company, Unlimited Group, SBS Global Solutions (South Africa), Hai-Telecommunications (Zambia), Realtime Ltd (Zambia), Telecom (Uganda), Gifted Hands (Kenya).  Amon has facilitated high-level organization strategy, change management and sustainable development processes for Oxfam Australia, World Vision International, IBS (Africa and USA), NetAct, UNICEF (Botswana), TAN Foundation & Two-four-eight organization, CMS (Swaziland). He has also facilitated meetings with global agencies like USAID, GCF (Canada) Tear Fund (UK).  Amon has served on both local and international governance boards including an Associate Partner role at GMM Consulting Group.

Amon is happily married for 29 years to Tiba and has two sons, Eddie and Victor.