Decoding Remote Leadership Virtual Workshop

The Decoding Remote Leadership Virtual Workshop is a two-day world-renowned workshop for up to 50 delegates to be presented by Abdulhussain Tejani, a Change Architect, a career HR practitioner with over 24 years in the corporate world who now runs his own HR Consultancy called People Matter out of Dubai.

Abdulhussain demonstrates how building a team of employees who share a vision and enthusiasm for a project, or a business has its challenges. But when that team is spread across the country or around the globe, the task can feel even more difficult. 

“The biggest difference between leading a local team and leading a remote team is that you don’t have the ‘watercooler factor’ with remote workers. When you’re not in the same place, informal communication doesn’t happen organically. 

You need people with expertise in the local culture to build teams on the ground in different markets. In some ways, building these relationships with remote teams is like a romantic long-distance relationship. You have to be careful to recognize that you can’t always pick up on nonverbal communication the way you do in person.

Globally, the number of remote workers has increased by 115 percent over the past decade, according to a study by human resources advisory firm Future Workplace, and Virgin Pulse, a human resources technology company. Today this has increased manifold since the pandemic hit. Thus, it is imperative for us to deal with this head on.

At the end of the two-day workshop you will be able to: 

  • Understand what qualities to look out for in hiring your leaders.
  • Understand how to structure your Learning & Development needs going forward.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when designing the remote organization. 
  • How to redesign your performance management system. 
  • How to rebuild your culture to still be relevant. 

With numerous excellent feedback received, here are a few testimonials of leaders across the globe after attending Abdulhussain’s workshop: 

“He is not afraid to challenge conventional norms and has us believing in the realms of the impossible.” –Karen (Singapore)

“Abdul has a unique style combining the theory with his immense experience of the corporate world.” –Mathew (Accra)

“I just love his stories. They are so rich in giving perspective to the material.” –Sameera (Dubai)

“His delivery would not go amiss in places of worship as he is quite evangelical in his approach.” –Kausar (Dhaka)

“Through Abdul, I have learnt how to get a seat at the top table, and to also showcase that HR people are truly there for the business by understanding the numbers.” –Irene (Johannesburg)

“Abdul, you always impact us with so much knowledge, that at the end of your sessions, you make us start feeling like brand new human beings and ready to take on any challenge.” –Nanyinza (Kalumbila)

“His brand of Caring Leadership in the corporate world should be part of any organization that wishes to build a sustainable culture.” –Judy Tan (Hong Kong)