The challenge for any country in the world is as simple as it is complex.

There is very little by way of right and wrong in the circumstances as there is no manual of instructions.

It is about asking the right questions first. Key for me is, is every life worth saving? If there is any other answer than yes, we have already lost.

The next key point is not whether a president or a prime minister is great or not, but were they able to underst and the magnitude of the problem and act swiftly to prevent loss of life.

Last but not least is the aspect of the collective. It is not and should not be about my decision or my presidency or my kudos. At a time like this, we need to b and together. This means listening to experts, forging ties with the opposition and more importantly curbing the ego of the self.

Go back to any of our scriptures and ponder; if you are willing to compromise on a life, then all your worship is worth nothing.

I pray that we are all imbibed with inner strength as well as the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. We should learn to be open about accepting of criticism to right wrongs. More importantly, to ensure that we act with justice and learn to be empathetic and less egocentric.

Life is too short to hold onto materialism or viewpoints incessantly.

As a people, this p andemic has and should be a defining moment for us to realign our values, opinions and our moral compass.

Let’s hold what should be really dear to us the most. Family, friends, values, which in turn create everlasting memories that become our motivating reservoir during times of need. I pray that we all go through this alignment and become architects of self-change before we rush to change the world.

Abdulhussain Tejani