I am often asked what it is that enables one to feel and be successful?


In answering this question I need to stress that I do not believe it lies with one exclusive action. There are so many great traits that Peak Performers exude such as, honesty, persistence, hope, faith, belief, self-confidence, courage, etc.


One trait that really st ands out for me, however, is the fact that these Peak Performers never take rejection personally.

But why do they never take rejection personally?

Great question!

Because of the great sense of self-worth that they have for themselves.

If you feel that your self worth could use a boost or possibly a transformation, then use this one formula.


If you follow this very powerful formula,  I will guarantee you that your life will begin to change substantially. You will begin to experience renewed energy and hope. More important, however, is the fact that you will begin to respect yourself as a person of worth.


The DAPP Formula

DAPP is an acronym for:






This is how you use the formula:


Decide on a action to discipline yourself in, for example – setting aside two hours every weekday to study. As you discipline yourself and are persistent in sticking to your chosen action ( and you overcome the temptation to sit in front of the TV or go out with your friends), eventually the reward of the discipline comes – as per our example, a greater knowledge and possibly a degree. More than that, however, is the feeling of self-respect you feel for having really worked at a very important goal and value.


All of this needs to be done with patience…”patience is not merely the ability to wait, it’s waiting with a good attitude”


It is these continuous disciplined action steps that bring about success and tremendous self-respect. Respecting yourself reinforces your capacity to be true to yourself and therefore not needing the approval of others to validate your self-worth.


Leave me a comment below to let me know how this formula has helped you


Keep believing in yourself and moving towards your dreams!


-Dave Boreham