• 3 out of 4 doctor visits are due to stress related ailments?
  • Work stress causes 10% of strokes?
  • 40% of people over eat or eat unhealthy foods due to stress?
  • Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease?
  • Stress leads to so many terrible diseases like depression, obesity and even insanity?


STRESS – everyone has it. Most people can’t get rid of it.

I think you can agree with me that learning how to deal with stress is extremely important… and it’s better to deal with it sooner, rather than later.



So many people stress out because they have no idea how to cope with stress. In many instances we create stress for ourselves because we think of all the things we need to get done in the day and often we can feel overwhelmed…we even stress about things that we have no control over – like other peoples choices, violence between countries, inflation rates, etc. 



That’s where I come in.

It’s learning how to manage ourselves effectively that we reduce the feeling of stress in our lives by using the 8 keys of effective self-management, which are:

  1. Plan daily
  2. Set clear precise goals with detailed action for their implementation
  3. Make a list of what you want to do each day
  4. Prioritize that list
  5. Learn to say, ‘NO’
  6. Use travel time constructively, not Facebook or other distractions
  7. Take time to ‘be still’
  8. Focus on things that you have control over – not the things you don’t


By using these 8 key points, you will be able to eliminate most of the stress you feel in your life, as you learn to take control of your life and how you live it. That feeling of being overwhelmed will disappear and will be replaced with excitement, passion and energy.


You are great and have limitless potential, embrace that and you will achieve anything you set your heart, mind and soul to.


Your friend,


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